The Stages of Personal Fitting with Wardrobe Design Studio

Spanish-3When having a garment individually made, there are a number of  appointments needed to properly design, measure and fit your completed garment.

The first meeting is a discussion of ideas. What style, color, and fabric choices. Once the concept and fabrics are decided measurements are taken. It is important to wear the right foundation garments and perhaps shoes to this and subsequent visits. This helps to ensure the correct fit. At this visit usually half  payment is requested.

The second meeting (which is sometimes combined with the first) is the making of the sloper, the body pattern from your measurements.  Once the sloper is correctly fitted the making of the garment can begin.

The third meeting happens when the real fabrics of the garment are starting to take shape. Usually the sleeves will not be attached, some decoration will not have occurred. Very specialized fitting such as
leggings will usually occur at this visit. If multiple layered garments are being made, there may be several of these intermediate fittings as the layers build one upon the other.

By the final fitting, the garment should look almost complete, perhaps no buttons, it won’t have been hemmed yet, it may still need trims and hand work. This is the time to ensure proper fit.

When the garment is complete you will want to try it all on one last time with your seamster to verify all details are as you would have them be. This is the time to make final payment and take your completed garment away with you.

It is a great experience to have a garment made just to your tastes and measurements. How can we help your wardrobe?

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