Custom-fit Basic Body Sloper package

Are you frustrated with your attempts to sew flattering, fitted clothing styles for yourself or a family member?  Are you baffled by the challenges of measuring and pinning on your own body?

Wardrobe Design Studio has a solution for you!

We offer a Custom-fit Basic Body Sloper package for costumers and DIY sewers who would like to “level up” their clothing to the most flattering fitted fashions.

Included in the Custom-fit Basic Body Sloper package:

  • A personal session (up to one  hour) with specialist fitter, Celeste Sugarbaker, who will explain the process of creating a body
    sloper, take your measurements and using her years of experience and exacting attention to detail, create a pattern customized to your shape.
  • A 30 minute follow up session to answer your questions and adjust the muslin to it’s most flattering fit.
  • A flat pattern of your body sloper (in heavy cardstock for durability) for your personal use to keep.
  • A E-booklet discussing how to make the most of your customized body sloper for your costuming and clothing needs.

If purchased separately, these items would retail for over $200!  Contact us today to set up your private appointment!

And, if you choose, you can add any of the following a la carte options.

  • An additional historical bodice pattern made from your Custom-fit Basic Body Sloper.  (Retail value $50). Any style fitted through the torso may be used. Common types are German Renaissance bodice for the dress usually referred to as Trossfrau, early and late Italian Renaissance or Venetian styles, Tudor, or Elizabethan. (This is an add-on purchase only.)
  • The Custom-fit Extended Body Sloper takes the Basic model and extends it past the hips. This shape is ideal for those making garments without a waist seam, such as a cotehardie. (Retail value $50)
  • Basic sleeve pattern to fit the armsceye of either the Basic or Extended Body Sloper models. (Retail value $50). This is an add-on only option.
  • Custom-fit Basic Bottom. (Retail value $100). Do you need pants too? We will apply the same care and attention to detail we use in all our work to create a pattern specific to your lower half.

Love the body you are in! Wardrobe Design studio specializes in hard to fit body shapes.

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